Pakora caramelized in onion probiotic juice

Almost two months ago I wrote an article on probiotic juice and talked of my experience at the Penang Tropical Farm where nearly a hundred jars of these juices were stacked against the walls of the farm’s shop, each jar containing different blends of tropical fruits.

Onion probiotic juice

pakora caramelized in onion probiotic juice

Labelled Jars of probiotic juice at the Tropical Farm, Penang containing different fruit blends

I then made my own probiotic juice at home consisting of two 2.2 liter bottles of onion probiotic juice and one four liter jar of home-grown pumpkin, bananas and avocados. The latter is still going strong at 72 days and by the end of October it would have been fermenting for three months. I’ve just “harvested” my second 2.2 litre bottle of onion probiotic juice. As mentioned in my earlier article you can drink small portions of onion probiotic juice to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Bio-dynamic Onion Probiotic

preparing my third batch with bio-dynamically grown yellow onions

Soon after “harvesting” this second bottle, I wasted no time in making a fresh lot. When you include fermentation in your cooking, preparation is vital.

So for this third batch of onion probiotic juice, I used yellow, bio-dynamically grown onions. I layered them between raw honey in a 5-liter bottle. 

Normal intake of this onion probiotic juice is simply to take it directly. Yet there are so many other exciting ways to use onion probiotic juices. Complement your cooking with it such as giving the traditional Indian pakora a zesty facelift with this pakora caramelized in onion probiotic juice.


pakora caramelized in onion pro-biotic juice


Pakora caramelized in onion probiotic juice


300gm onions

200gm sweet potatoes

150gm carrots

15gm french beans

15gm ginger (pound fine in a mortar & pestle)

1 1/2 tsp garam masala

1 1/2 tsp tumeric

1 tsp chilli powder

3 – 3 1/2 cups of rice flour

salt to taste

enough water to hold everything compact together

pakora caramelized in onion pro-biotic juice


Heat enough oil for deep frying.

Pour a little onion probiotic juice onto a plate.

Mix all the ingredients into a compact wet mixture but not watery. It should not be a batter. Break off small portions of the mixture and roll each portion into a ball.

Drop the balls into the hot oil and deep fry till golden brown.

As soon as the golden pakoras are taken out of the oil roll them quickly in the onion probiotic juice. Don’t leave them in the juice for long as you want them to remain crispy. Just a quick roll to coat will do.

Probiotic juices have living enzymes which will be killed off by heat of cooking and that is why you don’t apply the juice before you fry the pakoras.

pakora caramelized in onion pro-biotic juice

pour a little of this juice on a large plate and roll quickly while still hot to retain the crunch



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