Made from scratch with farm fresh produce

There is nothing better than a great tasting meal made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. You don’t need to eat raw or bland food to stay healthy. You don’t even need to cut out sugar. Everything in moderation is the key.

Healthy fermenting food recipes

Our recipes use unique produce and unique combination of ingredients to bring out the best in flavours. Infusing the lost art of fermentation which not only enhances flavour but has a wide range of health benefits.


Farm Fresh Recipes


No-cook Jam (G/F); (Veg), (Vegan)




Anchovy sambal (G/F)




Stuffed Tomatoes (Vegan); (Veg)

Pakora caramelized in onion probiotic juice

Pakora with mint sauce


Sweets and Dessert

Red velvet cake (G/F)

Durian puffs (Vegan; Veg)

Choko pie (Vegan; Veg)

Peanut biscuits (G/F); (Veg), (Vegan)

Sesame balls (G/F); (Veg); (Vegan)



Tom Yam pizza

Cauliflower pizza crust (G/F); (Veg), (Vegan)



Sourdough and Fermentation

Baking with sourdough starter

Orange Raisin Bread

Pakora caramelized in onion probiotic juice


Probiotic Juice

Probiotic orange juice (G/F); (Veg); (Vegan)

Pastry Pie Crust

Standard pastry pie crust


Chickpea salad with bitter melon flowers (G/F; Veg; Vegan)

Banana blossom (G/F)




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