Healthy Farm recipes- fermenting food and more from scratch

In this section we bring to you a collection of interesting and informative health related articles to keep you motivated in pursuing healthy recipes for a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. We cut through the hype of the growing organic movement which is in many cases driven by the dollar and not nutrition.

Health Farm produce stories

Our farm stories are enlightening hands-on articles about farmers who have made supplying quality food their priority. People who have turned their backs on modern commercial practices to enhance production, appearance and yield and have gone back to basic, natural cultivation to produce wholesome, nutritious food. Food the way God intended, food that is our medicine. Not food that is detrimental to our health. These farmers count on your support for their survival. Buy direct from local farmers, meet the growers!


Health & Farm Articles

Juicing: Hype or Holy Grail?

Saving Grace of Chokos

Durian: King of the Fruits

Australian Lychees are A-Listers

What Is White Flour?

Consistency kills the joy of life

Contadino olive farm


Sourdough and Fermentation

Baking with sourdough starter

English Baker Plies Trade From A Malaysian Village

Make Fermented Food Part of Your Regular Diet

Pro-biotic Juice

Pro-biotic orange juice

Sourdough bread-baking workshop

Why Sourdough Starter?





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