Outline Of Workshop Make Wine The Natural Way


  • Understanding how grapes are grown and picked . A little of the history of wine among Italians


  • Learn how to sort grapes 


  • See and taste for yourself Mourvedre grapes from which you will make at home a meaty and full bodied red wine. It has a fruity and herbaceous aroma and sweet from the natural sugars in the grapes.


  • You will get the opportunity to see heavy industrial equipment used for crushing and pressing grapes and taught how to do it on a small scale when you don’t have this equipment available to you.


  • You can use a more sophisticated carboy or a simple food grade bucket for a start. You can leave it to ferment in the carboy until it is time to bottle it or take the more sophisticated route of fermentation in an oak barrel. The most expensive wines in the world are oak-aged. Both options will be explained.


  • Detail explanation of how to ferment at home


  • Free wine tasting


  • Question and answer session


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