Growing Ginger

Growing Ginger

Growing ginger in winter is possible if you keep it covered. Growing ginger in a tropical climate is easy, but you can also do so in our mild Australian winter with a few tricks. 

Like me, you might have come across old, shrivelled looking ginger in the boxes displayed at supermarkets. You would have carefully gone through chunk after chunk hoping to find that one bright spark amongst the weary looking ones and finally settle for the least offensive of the lot. So why not just grow your own as it is so easy. Mine looks shiny and fresh and when you slash a small piece off the chunk, the juice literally oozes out.

To ensure you have a fresh supply all the time, harvest only what you need. Growing ginger in a pot is ideal because if you have the space indoors you can just carry it inside and need not bother with building a covered outdoor unit for it.

Growing Ginger In Pots

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  1. I have potted ginger rhizomes that I bought at market. The pot sits on kitchen window, does great.

    1. Does it get very cold where you live Randy? A wall facing the sun creates a greenhouse effect and I get lemongrass right through winter too this way.

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