Potato Chocolate Cake

Potato Chocolate Cake Try baking a potato chocolate cake for that velvet smooth texture. I’m eating spoonfuls of it now as I type this and so exciting to bite into whole cherries soaked in raw honey and home-made wine generously added to this cake. Take a good look at mashed […]

Consume Organic Potatoes

Potatoes are the least controversial food right? Whether you’re vegetarian or non-veg, chances are you eat potatoes. And what’s not to like about potatoes? No matter what culture you come from potatoes are part of the diet. Stay safe by consuming only organic potatoes. In Australia, 1kg of conventional potatoes […]

Merry Christmas From The Farm 3

The time has come to officially announce that I have two websites healthycountrylife.com and shobasadler.com showcasing two of my greatest passions – writing books, short stories and articles and healthy cooking from farm fresh produce. From time to time when my two passions cross paths I will cross promote between […]

Papaya Purple Top Turnip Juice

I have been trying to grown papaya for a year now. First I obtained seedlings from a nursery in Queensland, Australia. The variety was called Southern Red carica papaya. Unfortunately, at the start of autumn all three seedlings died. This time I tried from organic seeds and the papaya trees […]

Purple Top Turnip Kimchi

  All the purple top turnips have been pulled out of the ground. What do we do when we have access vegetables? We ferment them. So this was a good time to make purple top turnip kimchi. What fun we had collecting our harvest. Horses poked their curious noses over […]

Pakora with Mint Sauce

Pakora with Mint Sauce The home garden provided all I needed for this pakora with mint sauce dish. Pumpkins saved from last summer’s harvest still line the shelves and gave us a good supply over winter. My cabbage patch offered up these beautiful heads of cabbage. This time I had […]