Purple Top Turnip Kimchi

  All the purple top turnips have been pulled out of the ground. What do we do when we have access vegetables? We ferment them. So this was a good time to make purple top turnip kimchi. What fun we had collecting our harvest. Horses poked their curious noses over […]

Pakora with Mint Sauce

Pakora with Mint Sauce The home garden provided all I needed for this pakora with mint sauce dish. Pumpkins saved from last summer’s harvest still line the shelves and gave us a good supply over winter. My cabbage patch offered up these beautiful heads of cabbage. This time I had […]


Condiments Pairing dishes in order to serve up a great meal is an art. Most households would prepare main meals and side dishes, but rarely do people pay attention to condiments these days. They should. In the past condiments meant strictly pickle or other preserved food to boost the flavours […]

Homemade Wine

Homemade Wine Crates and crates of Mouvedre grapes fresh from Berri South Australia were emptied into a crushing machine as participants of Healthy Country Life’s free workshop, ‘Make Wine The Natural Way’ gathered around for a closer look. The workshop was held at Contadino Farm, Falls Creek, NSW on Saturday, […]

My Summer Harvest

My Summer Harvest Walking with my dogs often through the forest I am always amazed by the diversity and the inter-dependency of the many organisms in the forest. No matter how many times I walk down the same path the scenary will be different. A new branch could have falled […]

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes Watching my tomatoes hanging in bunches on the vines is one of the my treasured moments on the farm. It appears I am not the only one who has a love affair with my tomatoes. Every year there is a Tomato Festival in Sydney that celebrates the wonderful […]